About Us

Our first print!

Our journey with 3D Printing was not easy. With a lot of misinformation and lack of clear advice on 3D printing material, safety, and actual applications of 3D printing we were lost but nevertheless so intrigued with the potential of 3D Printing.

We decided to start this blog to help and share our gained knowledge with everyone from students, teachers, potential homeowners, builders, and entrepreneurs. As you can see below, we had a rough start with 3D Printing, but with time and experience, we started to get the hang of it.

Oops! One of our many failures

With time and research, we started to get more familiar with the design process, software, and actual printing. Our first application was the toothbrush stand and souvenir gifts for our friends and family.

3D Printed toothbrush stand!
3D printed gifts

We will be glad to talk and share knowledge with our readers. You can reach out at [email protected].